RP7 is a multi-purpose penetrating lubricant which loosens rusted parts, stops squeaks and prevents corrosion. The special formula used in this product leaves no adverse effect on rubber, paintworks and plastics.

Svitol Spray Grease
Svitol spray grease is a long-lasting lubricant with high-performance protective action suitable for domestic, automotive, industrial and marine uses. It does not drip and the 360° valve allows spraying the product in any position even upside-down. It is resistant and can stand high temperatures up to 170° C.

Svitol Multi-Purpose Lubricant
Svitol Multi-Purpose Lubricant is ideal for everyday use from gardens, homes, DIY, garages and industries to sport equipment. It eliminates friction, loosens rusted parts, removes moisture, prevents rust, lubricates and protects all metallic surfaces.

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