Cockpit Cleaner
Cockpit cleaner restores and enhances the original satin finish of the treated plastic surfaces. In addition it nourishes and prevents cracks to avoid premature ageing.

Cockpit Cleaner High Gloss
High Gloss Cockpit Cleaner shines the treated surfaces leaving a smooth touch and glossy look. While it penetrates the plastic material, it nourishes to prevent cracks and thus liming premature wear and tear.

Super Protectant
This product cleans, restores and protects dashboards and radio car surfaces to leave a pleasant scent inside the car.

Leather Cleaner
Specifically formulated to clean and protect car seats and upholstery of leather material. It leaves a pleasant and fresh scent in the interior of the car.

Upholstery Cleaner
It cleans all upholstered surfaces such as seats, door panels, mats and carpets. In addition, it contains an anti-allergen formula that normally lasts for two months.

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