Metallic Paste Wax
Protective wax for metallic paint is ideal for polishing and protecting auto paint. It leaves a thin film to provide an effective protection against UV rays and it is long lasting.

Mirage Super Polish
This special polymer and new generation wax-based composition offers protection and shiny result in a single operation. It is water-repellent and effective against ultraviolet rays, acid agents and abrasive elements; and It lasts through several washes.

Scratch Remover
The scratch remover helps to remove light scratches and reduce deep ones on all painted car surfaces. At the same time its polishing agents restore the original shine of the paint.

Fast Wax
Fast Wax is a protective spray that offers great brightness and gloss. Just spray and rub with a chamois cloth to treat the entire vehicle (wet or dry) in a few minutes. In addition, it does not leave any white streaks when applied on plastic components.

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