Super shampoo
Super Shampoo is suitable for any type of paintworks and leaves a shiny look to the surface.

Self-Drying wash & wax
Self-Drying Shampoo cleans and protects a vehicle against dust and rain. Its self-drying formula makes the water droplets to drip away easily.

Bumper Treatment
Bumper Treatment polishes and provides long-lasting protection for components made of plastic materials including bumpers, mud flaps, spoilers, mirrors and others…. It restores the original look and prevents the parts from fading.

Aquazero Washes
Aquazero washes, polishes and protects a vehicle without the need of water. Just spray and rub with a dry cotton cloth. It is ideal for removing dust, bird droppings, insects and grimes.

Headlight Renewal
Headlight Renewal is specifically formulated to restore the clearness of dull looking headlights. It improves the lamp brightness and is helpful to pass the road worthiness inspections.

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